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Femme Domme Sessions

I am a highly experienced Lifetstyle Dominatrix with over a decade of prodessional experience in BDSM.

I am best described as an elegant and attentive Femme Domme with a sensual devious side. My athletic stature and strength allows total physical Domination during sessions. I will captivate you in absolute entirety, eventually manipulating you into total surrender. While I am skilled at many facets of BDSM and have had many years experience as a FemmeDomme, I am currently only interested in exploring sessions that I am genuinely passionate about. These include:

SHIBARI BONDAGE: Have you been a knotty boy? Curious about Shibari? Let me show you the ropes and allow you to experience the sensuality and eroticism that can be achieved by restraint via rope.

TRAMPLING: Lay before me as I use your body as my human red carpet, painfully and playfully punishing you to your edges by strategically your naked and vunerable body for my amusement.

PUPPY HANDLING AND PLAY: Fetch! Sit! Roll over! Now get on all fours...Good Boy! Shed your human personality and take on the carefree, fun exsistance of a human puppy. Allow me to be your trainer and put you through your puppy paces as we both indulge in some playful pet play and canine training.

CORPORAL PUNISHMENT: Are you a naughty slave or submissive who deserves 'ten of the best?' In that case you may require a judicial caning or flogging for your behaviour. Submit to me and I will see that you get the Discipline that you require.

BALLBUSTING: Spread you legs and allow yourself to be completely vunerable to me as I toy with your manhood with my heels before kicking before delivering a direct it to your sensitive balls. You can tell by my muscular thighs that you dont stand a chance. How long can you stand on your feet before you are tempted to drop to your knees in pain? That wont stop me tormenting your swollen balls with my heels or bare feet however

GOLDEN SHOWER. Experience the privilege of my golden champange, its warmth will cleanse away all of your sins so we can start afresh with my training for you.

FOOT MASSAGE: Want to get on my good side? Prove to me how much you treasure my feet by delivering a delicious Foot Massage. I will reward you generously, if you have the skills

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