Boot Camp Mistress

BDSM Mistress - Mistress Anna

Personal Training Transformation and Body Maintenance the Femme Domme Way

“Being Bad Never Felt so Good”

Mistress Anna knows she can help your change your life with her one-on-one approach designed to get real results.

Whether your goal is weight loss, fat loss, boosting energy levels, gaining strength, fitness training or simply feeling better about yourself, Mistress Anna will ‘kick start’ you to help you get where you want to be with the education, motivation and inspiration that you need.

It may sometimes feel like BDSM torture but you will worship the ground she walks on when you get results!

With one-on-one training, the focus is on you. Whether it is outdoors or in her intimate Play Space, Mistress Anna will make sure you receive the exercise, nutrition and coaching sessions you need to succeed.
Commit to following her as a Boot Camp Bondage slave and submit to her forced Fem guidance: Mistress Anna requires 100% dedication.

Mistress Anna will tailor your personal healthy eating and exercise program - taking into account your specific goals, body shape, exercise preferences, health requirements, current conditions and lifestyle.
This Dominatrix will design your tailored programme into short-term achievable goals to make it easy for you to get constant success, which you will if you are obedient and listen to your Boot Camp Mistress.

Give over to Fem Domination as she continues to track your progress with a Slave Training & Eating Diary she will support you 100% even when you are not training together with her weekly Boot Camp Coaching Calls.

Busy Bondage slaves can choose from either an intensive 30-minute or 60 minute Slave Training Session, depending on their schedules. One to one Personal Boot Camp slave Training Sessions are available in Punishment Packages of 4, 6, or 10, which are pre paid via bank transfer or cash to Mistress Anna’s Training Consultancy when you have your Complimentary Consultation and Body Analysis to determined your Boot Camp Bondage Slave Training Sessions.

This Sydney Mistress can accommodate Bondage Slaves with 3 options of Punishment Plans:

  • One to One Personal Boot Camp Bondage Slave Training (30 min or 60 min)
  • Group Boot Camp Training (see
  • Forced Fitness Fetish. A combination of fitness and fetish. (see

Mistress Anna’s Punishment Plan also encompasses Body Maintenance Waxing for those Bondage Slaves with an unnecessary Hair Fetish: She likes her Bondage Slaves clean and tidy.

  • Back, Arms, Legs, Chest, Bum, Balls Brows, Ears, Nose.

Please contact Mistress Anna for more details and pricing structure for Bondage Boot Camp or Bondage Body Maintenance.

Holding a Diploma of Exercise Science and Fitness Management as well as a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and Massage, Mistress Anna has been engaged and self employed in the field of Health, Fitness and Beauty since 1991. Her Fitness qualifications include Personal Training, Group Fitness and Aerobic Instruction with Auckland Institute of Technology & Australian Fitness Network recognised by FISAF, A.I.F. She also holds a current St John Senior First Aid & C.P.R. Achieving her Beauty Therapy and Massage qualifications from Joyce Blok College in New Zealand, they are recognised internationally with CIDESCO & CIBTAC.


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